My interest in the mineral world has spanned a lifetime.

As a kid, I always had rocks in my pocket...from pieces of calcite to fossils I found while kicking around in the Texas dirt. But it wasn't until I moved to Hawaii that I really discovered the beauty and magic lying within each stone. I credit that discovery to one of the first friends I made in Kona; she owned a crystal shop and her vast knowledge sparked an interest that has continued in my healing practices all these many decades later.


As a yoga and meditation teacher, it seemed natural for me to combine my talents and make malas that are not only wearable works of art, but also have a conscious intention.


I select only the highest quality natural, undyed stones/crystals.

Each chosen specifically for their metaphysical properties, cleansed and charged.

Each mala is made in the traditional way with a mantra recited at the hand tying of each knot, finished with a guru bead and a horsehair tassel.


Custom orders available if you are looking for a specific stone combination or

need help designing your mala.



Colorado, United States

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